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【Antique】France - Portieux Vallerysthal 1900s Blue Milk Glass Hand Toothpick Holder

【Antique】France - Portieux Vallerysthal 1900s Blue Milk Glass Hand Toothpick Holder

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Width: 5.3cm Depth: 5cm Height: 9cm Weight: 247g
This is a 1900s blue milk glass hand motif vase by the French company Portieux Vallerysthal. It was originally used as a match holder, but it is also a lovely item to display as is or to hold a few flowers.
This is an antique and vintage item that has been loved throughout the ages up until the present day. As it has been around for a long time, it has scratches and stains due to age, but we hope you will cherish it, including those scratches and stains. Although we have checked carefully, there may be scratches and stains that are not listed. Please be aware of the above.
The color of the actual product may differ slightly depending on your browser, monitor, etc. Please carefully check the images, size, condition, etc. before placing your order. We cannot accept cancellations, exchanges, or returns after an order has been placed.

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